WPM manages several of the FCC licenses held by the Board of Regents of UW System to provide PBS Wisconsin and Wisconsin Public Radio (including: KUWS-FM, WHA-AM, WHA-TV, WHID-FM, WLSU-FM, WRFW-FM, WUEC-FM, WUWS-FM, WVSS-FM) and receives federal funding through the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. This page contains the reports we file each year in compliance with FCC & CPB regulations and the annual reports of PBS Wisconsin and Wisconsin Public Radio.

As recipients of a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), PBS Wisconsin and Wisconsin Public Radio annually report on the content and services we create that meet community needs. The following were crafted to meet CPB’s reporting requirements.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Report

As an employer of five or more full-time employees, WPM (PBS Wisconsin/WHA-TV and Wisconsin Public Radio/WHA-AM) are required by the FCC to maintain an EEO recruitment program. The FCC rules include a requirement to provide notice of job vacancies and undertake additional outreach measures to all qualified job candidates, such as holding job fairs and establishing scholarship programs, and to file an annual EEO report.

The FCC requires broadcast stations “make information to which the public already has a right more readily available, so that the public will be encouraged to play a more active part in dialogue with broadcast licensees.” Stations do so via a public inspection file that contains a variety of information about each station’s operations and service to its community of license, including quarterly lists of the most significant programs each station aired concerning issues of importance to its community, data on ownership of each station and active applications each station has filed with the Commission. Here are the public inspection files for each broadcast station licensed to the UW Board of Regents that is under the administrative auspices of Wisconsin Public Media.

KUWS-FM – Superior
WHA-AM – Madison
WHA-TV – Madison
WHID-FM – Green Bay
WLSU-FM – LaCrosse
WRFW-FM – River Falls
WUEC-FM – Eau Claire
WUWS-FM – Ashland
WVSS-FM – Menomonie

For assistance with radio public inspection files, please send us an email at or call 1-800-747-7444. For assistance with WHA-TV’s file, call 608-265-2302.

Each year the financial statements of WHA television and radio are audited by an independent auditor. Based on the audits, each files an annual financial report with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.